Saturday, December 13, 2008

Jack's Muslim Jokes Part 30

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Can U Answer These Questions said...

Another Original By: JACK

Q] How can you tell the difference between a Catholic Priest and a Muslim Cleric?
A] You can’t, they both like young boys.

Q] In a Mosque how can you tell which one is the Muslim Cleric during Friday Prayers?
A] Easy, he’s the one with his cock out masturbating watching all those towel heads on their knees.

Q] Why doesn’t a Muslim shake hands?
A] His hands are always covered in Camel shit.

Q] Why do Muslim men prey five times a day?
A] They have more sins than everyone else.
A] Any excuse will do for not to going home to their ugly homey fat dumb wives.

Q] Why do Muslim women prey separately?
A] Wife swapping and wife stealing are forbidden in Mosques.

Q] Why do Muslims at like baboons?
A] Too much inbreeding.

Q] Where do Muslims go on vacation?
A] Malaysia because they want to be surrounded by wannabee Muslim beanie wearers that reek of foul smelling shit.

Q] What do Muslims do in their spare time?
A] Take drugs, drink, gamble, watch kiddy porn, fuck goats, and make bombs.

Q] What’s the latest trick for Muslim suicide bombers?
A] They stuff 2 ounces of C4 followed by 2 ounces of heroin up their ass so when it’s extracted by the authorities it explodes. They figure if it doesn’t kill you you’ll get high and won’t care about being covered in shit.

Q] Why are most Muslims late for prayers?
A] Because SEX with animals is a higher priority.

Q] What happened to the Muslim Cleric who tried to become a Rabbi?
A] He was smoking hashish and thought someone said rabbit not Rabbi, and crawled into a hole and was never heard from again.

Q] Why are there no mirrors in a Mosque?
A] Ugliness is a terrible burden to bare.

Q] Why do Muslim men beat their women?
A] Because the goat never says no.

Q] Why won’t Muslim women give up Islam?
A] They are all waiting to go to hell so they can nag the shit out of Mohammed.

Q] How did the Muslims end up in the Salvation Army Dumpster?
A] Someone thought they were used sheets.

Q] Why do Muslims like burritos?
A] Better fart food.
A] They like anything wrapped and covered.