Thursday, June 28, 2007

Are You A Real MUSLIM ?

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The Encantoman said...

Are You A Real MUSLIM ?
Take the TEST below to find out ...

How Do You Know You Are A MUSLIM:
Another Original Posting By: JACK
You are a professional ‘Cry Baby.’ and think the world owes you something.

Your favorite meal is Baby Back Pork Ribs, with side orders of Hog Jowls, and Pigs Feet.

Your favorite snack is Fried Pork Rhines.

Your favorite desert is Camel Dung Pie.

Your favorite past time is sitting around a campfire roasting Donkey Turds on a stick, and signing the Hebrew song “If I Where A Young Man …”

Your favorite type of sex is humping a 2-hump Camel.

When you use your computer you wear a young girl’s training bra on your head.

When you want to take the that ugly Towel off your head you have to use two gallons of pigs fat and a steal pry bar.

You would rather dwell in a dark musty cave full of snakes, rats, and spiders than have a real home like regular sane people.

You can ‘Burp’ in at least two languages.

You shower once a week under a donkey taking a piss.

You are the envy of every Goat Herder because you have had sex with every goat within 200 miles.

You have at least three wives under the age of 12.

You visit the Witch Doctor daily.

The Koran Pages make good fire starter kindling.

You have at least five pounds of explosives strapped to your waist and ass at all times.

Your proud to be a children killer and call yourself a terrorist.

You wear a ‘Rug’ under your garments so your knees won’t get scuffed when you pray to the devil.

You have the word ‘Mohammed’ in your name at least once.

You prey five times a day because you have more sins than regular folk.

You gamble, drink, smoke, do drugs, and are a pedophile but then it’s just your way.

Your brother’s dog is your second wife.

You removed the claws from your cat because you don’t like ‘Pussy’ that scratches.

You lick the anal hole of donkeys for fun.

Your condoms are made of Pig Skin.

Hitler is your hero.

You call yourself a BUMI and swing on tree vines in Malaysia.

Your face resembles a Baboon’s Ass.

You breed women like dogs in a kennel.

You use a hedge trimmer to trim your beard.

You have more flies orbiting you than stars in the sky.

You frequently ‘Howl’ at the Moon.

You can’t read or write but you can fire an AK-47 Assault Rifle.

You go to the Mosque because it’s the only place that has an indoor toilet.

Your favorite saying to a ‘Cleric’ is “Ya’all Cum Back Now.”

Your ‘Burka’ is full of snot and sand, and it smells of Camel Farts.

You are nicknamed ‘No Lips’ Fahima.

You have so many children you can’t remember their names.

You’re a graduate of Bukkake U.

You had sex with the family dog and his cock is better and better than your husbands.

And, You just can’t stop reading ‘The Encanto Man’s’ Humor and Jokes or this Blog.