Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Funny Poem About The Profit Mohammed

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The Encantoman said...

A Poem About MOHAMMED The Profit

The Mohammad Poem:
This Poem was Written By:
JACK (a.k.a. The Encanto Man)

My name is Mohammed,
The devil’s work is my game,
I have many followers
all who should be ashamed,
they call me a Profit,
but a pedophile is a better name.

Those fools worship me and read the Koran,
a book of lies written by mortal man.

I spend most of my time on the banks of the river,
dining on boiled Pigs liver.

I wear a robe and turbine,
they come off fast,
for I am just a naked man without any pants or a past.

As the night falls and the stars rise,
my pathetic small penis is in a dismal disguise,
but that damn penis continues to call out to me
go ahead and dip it in some herbal green tea.
Oh my penis is horny you see,
it wants me to find a good strong horse,
to fuck on a deserted Infidel golf course.
But alas all I can find is a goat with a tight butt hole,
and the goat makes his sounds as I pound him from behind,
my balls slap his ass and his ass is so very fine.
Soon I can hear a baboon in the night,
oh shit now its him doing my anal hole some delight.
The threesome is underway, which there’s no end,
but Satan has promised me a temple of sorts,
where Muslims do their prayers and we
share our infected anal warts.

The Hebrews are my enemies,
because they’re Jews,
Satan has commanded me to put them to the screws.

My followers will be known throughout as Muslims,
there turbines and veils will hide their shame,
as Satan brings forth a false name,
and this will be the religion of Islam,
salaam, shalom, sa’lam.

Clerics will be chosen to teach my false word,
they will hide and cower in a temple of sorts,
and those who don’t obey will be beheaded at the
hands of my cohorts.

This will be pale in comparison to the Devil’s hoard,
which I Mohammed proudly worship and carry his sword.

The world will tremble as my acts of aggression and
inhumanity rain upon all mankind ….
For to become a Muslim is to be stupid and blind.