Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Jack's Muslim Jokes Part 7

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Q-n-A Islamic Factoids said...

Muslims Q and A Jokes
Q: What do you call a Taliban that owns a camel and a goat?
A: Bisexual.
Q. What do you call a Taliban who owns six goats?
A. A pimp.
Q: Why doesn't Afghanistan have Wal-Mart?
A: Because they have a Target on every corner!!!!
Q: What do you call a piece of sandpaper in Afghanistan?
A: A map.
Q: How does Osama bin Laden practice safe sex?
A: He marks the camels that kick.
Q: What's the national bird of Afghanistan?
A: DUCK!!!
Q: What does Osama wear on his head?
A: Osama Bed Linen!
Q: What do you call a Taliban who's never had sex?
A: Never Bin Laden!
Q: Why doesn't Osama bin laden have sex with his five wives?
A: Because every time he spreads their legs he sees Bush.
Q: What do you call an Islamist with a black eye?
A: Bin Leathered
Q. Why do the Taliban wear robes?
A. A goat can hear a zipper a mile away.
Q. Why did Osama fire Martha Stewart?
A. She was unable to find fabric that went with stalagmites.
Q. Know what the Taliban do for fun?
A. Sit around and get bombed
Q: How do you play Taliban bingo?
A: B-52...F-16...B-1...
Q: How is Bin Laden like Fred Flintstone?
A: Both may look out their windows and see Rubble.
Q: What is the Taliban's national bird?
A: Duck
Q: What do Bin Laden and Hiroshima have in common?
A: Nothing, yet.
Q: What does Osama bin laden and General Custer have in common?
A: They both want to know where those Tomahawks are coming from!
Q: Why doesn't the Taliban have drivers ed and sex ed classes on the same day?
A: Because the camels can't handle it.
Q: What's the five-day forecast for Afghanistan?
A: Two days.
Q: What's the difference between Elvis and Osama Bin Laden?
A: Osama is a dead man!
Q: What do Monica Lewinsky and Osama Bin Laden have in common?
A: They both blew a power structure!!
Q. Why do they call the camel "the ship of the desert?"
A. Because it's full of Arab semen!
Q. Why does Osama Bin Laden carry a piece of shit in his pocket?
A. Photo I.D.
Q: What is the best Iraqi job?
A: Foreign Ambassador
Q: Did you hear that it is twice as easy to train Iraqi fighter pilots?
A. You only have to teach them to take off.
Q: What's the difference between Aeroflot and the Scud Missile?
A: Aeroflot has killed more people.
Q: Why does the Iraqi Navy have glass bottom boats?
A: So they can see their Air Force.
Q. Did you hear that Saddam Hussein won the toss?
A. He elected to receive
Q: How many Iraqis does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A: None. They can't turn them on anyway.
Q: How many Americans does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A: Only one, but he does it from 30 miles away using laser targeting, and at a cost of $800,000.
Q: "How many members of the coalition does it take to screw in a light bulb?"
A: "We are not prepared to comment on specific numbers at this time."
Q. Sadam and a lawyer are buried neck deep in sand, who do you kick in the teeth first?
A. Sadam, business before pleasure.
Q: Why does Osama make his wives wear veils?
A: Because he gets jealous when their mustaches are bigger than his.