Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Jack's Muslim Jokes Part 10


America Have You Learned Anything Yet? said...

Lesson for Today
Lesson # 11 (The Final Lesson)

Brake time is over, this is the final lesson before exam.

All Holy Scriptures including the Christian Bible, The Greek Orthodox Bible, The Gidian Bible, and The Koran are written and based on the original Judaism (Jewish) Bible, which predates them all. Since this is true and openly admitted by all non Jewish faiths, then why are Muslims (Holy Followers of Mohammed and the Koran) bent on the destruction of the Jews, God's so called chosen people ? They aren't too fucking crazy over Christians or any non Muslim believer for that matter either !!!

So what have we learned today …..

Muslims are stupid bastards. Mohammed was a fake or sorcerer of some kind. Arabs are Muslims. All Muslims, Arab or other wise, must be exterminated. Stupid people cause problems. Religious conflicts cause wars. Stupid religious people are the cause of wars. Muslims are stupid religious fanatics trying to take the world to extinction through conflict and war. The bible says the world will end in fire. Fire is the Devil's right hand. Therefore, Mohammed must in fact have been the devils left hand.

Jack teaches us said...

Lesson for Today
Lesson # 10

Funk and Wagnel Dictionary was going to put a picture in their dictionary as part of the meaning of the word 'Asshole.'
They found however, with little research required, that all Muslims were assholes.
Knowing that they could not put the picture of over one billion people (all Muslims) in such a tiny space they decided to put one picture that would represent them all.
Who you ask, what Muslim, it must be Osama bin Laden
Sorry, wrong answer
It is the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dr. Mahatir Mohamad
Yes, he is a Muslim, and yes he is the biggest asshole of modern times.

So what have we learned today …..

When in doubt, go put it in your Funk and Wagnel

Jack Teaches Us said...

Lesson for Today
Lesson # 9

A weapon never used is a useless weapon.
Muslim-based countries are working with great diligence to either acquire or build weapons of mass destruction.
Such weapons would include Biological, Chemical, and Nuclear.
Muslim-based countries are run and controlled by Muslims.
In war, there are causalities and sacrifices.
My son is in the U.S. Marines.
I do NOT want him to die in some third world asshole country that should be wiped off the face of the earth.

So what have we learned today …..

America has the weapons.
No American solider needs to die for any fucking Muslim.
Lets start by 'First Strike' and nuke them all.
As they say: Kill'em All … Let God sort them out later.

Jack teaches us said...

Lesson for Today
Lesson # 8

The ancient Egyptians thought that Human Waste (shit) was often seen as a delicacy.
We know that Muslims are nothing but pieces of 'SHIT.'

So what have we learned today …..
The early Egyptians slaughtered tens of thousands of Muslims.
They must have PIGGED Out on so much Shit they no longer eat shit or kill Muslims.
What a waste !!
Anyway the early Egyptians had the right idea, exterminate the Muslims.
WARNING to Us All: The Egyptians never got the job done now look what happen. Egypt is predominately Muslim. Next, America may be the whole world. At minimum it is estimated by the CIA and DOD that Osama bin Laden created up to 120,000 radical Osama's. He had 58 known children. 23 of them lived and trained in terrorist camps in Afghanistan. And, they say the west is not understanding about the Muslim faith. What is there to understand ?

Jack Teaches Us said...

Lesson for Today
Lesson # 7

Mohammed was a Muslim
Muslims proclaim non-violence and that they are against drugs and sex as taught by the Profit Mohammed and set down in the Koran.
Yet Muslims instill or cause most of the violence in the world.
They are in fact a major part of crime & corruption, and one of the biggest opium drug trade suppliers.
They openly run slave rings that involve women and worse children.
They proliferate often times with underage women.
They believe in DEATH to nonbelievers called Infidels.

So what have we learned today …..
Mohammed was a two-faced liar and coward
Muslims are bad
Muslims are corrupt
Muslims are liars
Muslims are violent
Muslims cause unrest and are bringing the world close to war
Muslims believe anyone NOT a Muslim should die
Muslims are pedophiles
Muslims are slave traders
Muslims are drug growers and drug traffickers

Therefore, the solution is:
Kill a Muslim now and make the world a better place

Jack Teaches Us said...

Lesson for Today
Lesson # 6

Bad News: Muslims are like SHIT they are everywhere
Good News: Like Shit they can be used as fertilizer

So what have we learned today …..
Kill a Muslim and make some fertilizer and save a tree

Jack teaches us said...

Lesson for Today
Lesson # 5

Muslims are like snakes
See one and kill it before it bites you

So what have we learned today …..
Snakes not Muslims are our friends
Why you ask
Simply because, Snakes serve a purpose they eat rodents which carry diseases
Muslims are a disease so kill one now before it kills you

Jack Teaches Us said...

Lesson for Today
Lesson # 4

Again it's the fucking Muslims causing all the problems in the world today. Don't take my word just tune in to CNN.
If Mohammed were really a profit then he should have realized that trying to teach a bunch of backward baboon's religion would backfire.
So does this mean if Mohammed was real he might really have been the DEVIL is disguise ?
The only thing the Muslim Holy Land does for the world is give the rest of us a real chance to kill as many of these worthless assholes as possible at one time during the so called yearly pilgrimage !!
Again, America is doing its part; we are killing these useless bastards in Afghanistan, Philippines, and Iraq
Even Russia is doing its part by killing them off in Checkyna

So what have we learned today …..
America and Russia are doing their part.
Muslims are dying but not fast enough for the rest of us.
You must again be reminded, do your part now; kill all the fucking Muslims wherever they may be.
For an example of a real back stabbing anti western dirt shit Muslim look at Mahatir - this is experience talking so take heed - he is NOT America's friend by their enemy.

P.S. - My new book reveals all.

Jack teaches us said...

Lesson for Today
Lesson # 3

ALL Muslims are assholes
Mohammed was an asshole
The Muslim Holy Land is Really a pile of Holy SHIT
Muslims are finally dying as they should

So what have we learned today …..
America is doing its part
Muslims in the world, called terrorist are dropping like rain from the heavens above… Why you ask
Because GOD is on the side of right
So do your part now, kill all the fucking Muslims wherever they may be
Remember ask any filthy shit Muslim what they want and they will tell you they want to meet Mohammed. So kill one today and give him his wish !!!

Jack Teaches Us said...

Lesson for Today
Lesson # 2

ALL Muslims everywhere must be destroyed
ALL Muslims are filthy dirty little stinking worthless bastards
ALL Muslims want to meet Mohammed the asshole

So what have we learned today …..
Kill ALL the fucking Muslims in the world, Do it Now, because they really want do die and meet Mohammed.

Jack teaches us said...

Lesson for Today:
Lesson # 1

ALL Muslims are Bad
ALL Muslims are Evil
ALL Muslims must Die
So what have we learned today
Kill ALL the fucking Muslims in the world, Do it Now !!!