Friday, November 30, 2007

Jack's Muslim Jokes Part 12


ha ha ha said...

So Funny I Forgot to Laugh:
Two Arabs are chatting.
One of them has his wallet out and is flipping through pictures. Proudly, he pulls two out to show his friend. "This is my oldest son. He's a martyr. And here is my second son. He's a martyr, too."
There's a pause, and the second Arab says laughingly, "Ah, they blow up so fast, don't they?"

Distinction said...

The Difference Between Christians and Muslims:

- Christians favor interracial sex.

-Muslims favor interspecies sex.

The Italian Farm Cooperative said...

The Farmer Was Asked:
Another Original By: JACK

A French Newspaper recently asked a farmer in Italy how he was able to grow his Olives so rapidly.
Simple, he said, “All the hospitals in France send me their dead Muslims including the unborn fetus and I grind them up with Pig Shit.”
“That’s horrible!” said the French Newsman.
Not at all said the farmer, “The Pigs Don’t Seem to Mind.”

A Phoenix Arizona Realtor said...

Top 10 reasons not to convert to Islam:
1. No more beer.
2. Towel on head gets hot in sun.
3. Beards become scragly and tickles.
4. People will look at you funny.
5. Yak for dinner every night?
6. Down on your knees five times a day, I
thought this only happened at airports.
7. Can't see a woman's cleavage.
8. Do you really feel like strapping a
bomb to yourself tonight?
9. Fasting for 20 days totally sucks.
10.No more Bacon (now that would really suck).

That Jack So Famn Funny said...

What do Virgins and Pork Have In Common:
Another Great One By: JACK
The famous Muslim question is answered by the infamous Encanto Man …
The so-called 72 Virgins that Islam refers to for being a good Muslim like killing babies with car bombs is America’s favorite joke and pastime talk.
American men should get a pound of Pig’s Lard and fuck 72 Virgin Muslims then these retarded mislead little bitches will find out what a real cock is like.
Of course, we could let the Pig fuck them but then who would ever want BBQ Pork Ribs again?

No Santa for You Muslims said...

Why Muslims Don’t Believe in Santa Claus:
Another Great One By: JACK

Santa brings all Muslims sand and puts it in their turbines.
Santa does this because they are ALL bad.
The problem is Muslims have so much dirt and sand they don’t know the difference and can’t tell Santa has visited. They just think it's another day in the life of Islam!

Jack Answers Another Q-n-A About Islam said...

Why No Arabs:
The Iraqi Ambassador to the UN has just finished giving a speech, and walks out into the lobby where he meets President Bush.
They shake hands and, after a brief chat about world affairs, the Iraqi says, "I have a question that I think perhaps you can answer.” "President Bush says, "Well, I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I'll do my best."
The Iraqi ambassador continues, "My son watches this show 'Star Trek' and in it there are Russians, Blacks and Asians, but never any Arabs. He is very upset. He doesn't understand why there are never any Arabs in Star Trek."
President Bush laughs, leans toward the Iraqi, and whispers, "It's because it takes place in the future...."

2 Jokes from JACK said...

Muslim Food:
More Great Originals By: JACK

Here are two short ones for you …
(1) Middle Easter Restaurant:
A waiter asks a Muslim Man, “Are you ready to order, sir?”
“Yes,” the Muslim replies. “I’m just wondering, exactly how do you prepare your chickens?”
“Nothing special, sir. We just tell them straight out that they’re going to fucking die.”

(2) French Restaurant:
French waiter in Paris asks a Muslim Man, “May I take your order, sir?”
The Muslim Man says, “Well yes, but please tell me what is ‘nervures de porc’?”
“It is Pork Ribs,” answers the waiter.
“Pork you idiot, don’t you see that I am a Muslim?” screams the angry man.
“Yes, of course, it is obvious with that Towel rapped around your ugly head,” answers the Frenchman.
The Muslim now so angry he can’t see straight says, “You idiot, what do you have that is not pork?”
The Frenchman says, “Your wife’s smelly pussy, it came in just hours before you, but it will take time to clean and prepare since it was used to sauté’ the pork ribs.”