Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Jack's Muslim Jokes Part 18

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Anonymous said...

Muslim Humor:

Who says Muslims aren't funny? Here are some jokes from the unknown
Muslim standup comic..... ladies and gentlemen please give it
up for.... What’s his fucking name???

Good evening gentlemen, and get out, ladies. You have no right to be having a good time. You, sir, in the front row. Is that a scud
missile under your toga or are you just happy to see me?
On my flight to New York there must have been a Jew in the bathroom the
entire time. There was a sign on the door that said "occupied."
What do you say to a Muslim woman with two black eyes? Nothing!
You told her twice already!
How many Muslims does it take to change a light bulb. None! They
sit in the dark forever and blame the Jews for it!
Did you hear about the Broadway play, The Palestinians ? It bombed!
What do you call a first-time offender in Saudi Arabia? Lefty!
Did you hear about the Muslim strip club? It features full facial
How come it's so hard to circumcise a Muslim? Because there's no end
to those pricks!
Why do Palestinians find it convenient to live on the West Bank?
Because it's just a stone's throw from Israel!
Why are Palestinian boys luckier than American boys? Because every
Palestinian boy will get to join a rock group!
What has 24 legs and 48 teeth? Twelve Muslim women!
A small plane carrying Yassir Arafat and all his top lieutenants crashes and all aboard are killed. Who is saved? The Palestinian people!
Who won the Muslim beauty contest? No one!
Two Israelis are in an elevator when the doors open and a Palestinian gets on. After the doors close, the Palestinian lets out a huge, noisy fart. The doors open again and the Palestinian gets off. One Jew looks at the other, wipes his brow and says, "Thank God! Must have been a dud!"
A Palestinian suspect was being grilled by Israeli police. "Honest, I'm not a suicide bomber," he said. "I didn't say I wanted to blow myself up so I could sleep with 72 virgins. All I said was I'm dying to get laid!"
What does the sign say above the nursery in a Palestinian maternity
ward? "Live ammunition."
A Palestinian girl says to her mommy, "After Abdul blows up, can I have his room?"

Thank you very much, gentlemen.