Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Jack's Muslim Jokes Part 20

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Jack said...

Muslim Mommy, Mommy Jokes:
As Developed By: JACK

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! What's an orgasm?
I don't know dear, ask your terrorist towel head father.

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! What's an Oedipus complex?
Shut up and kiss me you little whore!

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! Why don't I have a thing like Daddy's between my legs?
You will when I go to work, dear!

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! What's a transvestite?
Shut up and unhook terrorist towel head Daddy's bra.

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! I keep running in circles.
Shut up or I'll nail your other foot to the floor you little Islam bastard child.

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! I thought it was my turn to lick the bowl?
Shut up and flush the toilet you rag head.

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! What is incest?
Shut up and keep licking my hairy smelly twat.

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! are you sure this is how to learn to swim?
Shut up and get back in the sack with the other sand niggers!

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! Are you sure this is the way to make Jewish bread?
Shut up and get back in the oven.

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! Can I get pregnant? Of course not dear, you are only seven years old.
Now get back in bed with your terrorist towel head father !!

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! Can I play in the sandbox?
Not until I find a better place to bury your goat fucking Daddy.

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! Can I play with grandma?
Not today, we already dug her three times this week.

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! Daddy fell in the campfire!
Shut up and get the barbecue sauce and Camel Dung!

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! Daddy puked!
Shut up and get a fork, before your sister gets all the big chunks!

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! Daddy went through the meat grinder!
Shut up and eat your Islamic Hamburger!

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! Daddy's on fire!
Shut up and get the Donkey Turds we’re having a roasting!

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! Daddy's running down the street!
Shut up and step on the gas!

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! Grandma's got a bruise!
Shut up and cover her with the burka.

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! Grandpa's going out!
Well throw some more gasoline on him then.

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! I don't like tomato soup!
Shut up, we only have it once a month and I used your sister this time.

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! I don't like your milk!
Shut up and keep on sucking my droopy baggie ugly old tits.

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! I don't want to visit grandma!
Shut up and keep digging.

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! I don't want these hamburgers for supper!
Shut up or I'll feed these goat’s balls to you uncooked.

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! I don't want to be a Daddy
Shut up and get in bed with me your father is useless since he became terrorist.

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! I don't want to see Mecca!
Shut up we’re going to watch Daddy get trampled this year in the exit parade.

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! I had my first sexual experience.
And it was the guy's first time too. His dick was still in the pork skin cover.

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! I hate Daddy's guts.
Well, just leave them on the side of the plate.

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! I'm sick of learning how to swim!
Shut up or I'll flush it again! Now don’t breathe under the under.

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! It's cold and dark and damp down here.
Shut up and take your head out of that Donkey’s ass.

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! My head hurts!
Shut up and get away from your sister while they’re stoning her to death!

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! My teacher says my head is too big.
Shut up and get your burka out of the garage, so your father can bring the car in!

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! The milkman is here; have you got the money
or should I go out and play again for an hour?

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! What happened to all that dog food Fido wouldn't eat?
Shut up and eat your meat loaf.

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! What happened to all your scabs?
Shut up and eat your cornflakes!

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! What's a nymphomaniac?
Shut up and help me get Gramma off the doorknob!

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! What's for dinner?
Shut up and get back in the oven!

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! What's in those CARE packages they send to us sand niggers?
Pork Belly and Possum Innards!

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! What's oral sex?
mmmrmmph mumble mumble mmhhh mmrph mmumble!

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! When are we going to have Aunt Edna for dinner?
Shut up, we haven't even finished your Grandmother yet.

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! Why are we pushing the car off the cliff?
Shut up son, you'll wake that idiot terrorist father of yours.

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! Why do I have to hop everywhere?
Shut up and hopefully Daddy will stop play with explosives!

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! Why does Daddy's dick taste so bad?
Shut up and give your sister another tampon.

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! Why is Daddy bent over and crying?
Shut up and eat your hot dog!

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! Why is Daddy so pale?
Shut up and keep digging.

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! Why won't Daddy talk to me?
Shut up and tie his legs too.

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! Why is everybody running?
Shut up the U.S. Marines will hear you.

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! Why are you moaning?
Shut up, and keep licking my bush.

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! Why does Daddy make me stick my finger up the goat’s ass?
Because its finger licking good.

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! Why do we keep our Pigs in the basement?
Because eat ages the meat better.

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! Why did Daddy use a Condom made from a Pig?
Because the Cleric like the feel.

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! Why is Daddy licking the camel’s balls?
Who care, cum here and lick my old bush.

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! Why do goats watch you have sex?
They’re jealous of Daddy.

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! Daddy is howling at the moon again.
Come inside its just his way.

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! I want to be Jewish?
I don’t blame you but we have to wait until Daddy blows himself up?

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! What sister doing with all those U.S. Marines?
Trading a Humvee for multiple kneeling deep throat hummers.

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! Come quickly watch Daddy lick the Camel’s Ass.
I’ve seen it before.

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! Why does the Iraqi National Guard have a picture of you in their headquarters?
I am in charge of horizontal stress relief.

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! Come quickly the Polish Troops are here for their monthly rotation.
Ok, finally I get some cock that hasn’t been with a goat first.

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! Why does Daddy’s face look like the ass of a baboon?
He gets his looks from his mother.

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! Why is my face sticky and wet.
Your father was masturbating on you again while you were sleeping.

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! Why is Daddy’s weenie so small?
He’s a Muslim dear get use to it there all like that !!

---Muslim Mommy, Mommy! Why can’t we visit The Encanto Man’s Website?
Because Muslims don’t have a sense of humor.